Kyomizu temple

 The temple was disagnated as natinale terasure in 1994.  It`s oneof the most poplar sight seeing areas in Kyoto with more than 5 million people visit each year.  The most-see view from the stage of temple is a brethtaking view.

fushimi inari Tisha Sraine

This Shrine is one of the most popular site to take amazing phtos among foreign tourists. vermillion painted small gates lined to peek of moutain.


Bamboo forest road is most popular landscape in kyoto.  In summer, When you stroll the road you can feel cool wind tuch your skin after going through the bamboo forest.Togetu-Kyo 、Long bridge overs wide river also famous sit-seeing. It`s distance is 155m, Only made of wood.  Above both sites are the best area to take beatiful phots.

Toei Kyout studio Park

Tv and move`s setes  as well as Them park is modeled after the edo period.  It has been providing firms to the entertaimen industly since 1975. it extents to properties  with 53.000 sq,m.Once you enter the park you must feel like you being the times of Sumurai.

Himeji Castle

This casle was disagnated as frist of nationale treasure in japan 1993. It is reffeded as most beautiful castle in japan.  doe to it`s beatiful, it seem to be desighed more to please the eye than to protect their lords.

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