Higashi-chou Twon

This area is designated as Groups of Traditional Buildings by Japanese government to aim protecting old houses from development construction. That why  two thirds of all houses in this area have remained same figures since Edo or Meiji period.Several of those houses`s inside are redecorated to be coffee shops. these days those shops are attracting people who like a tradition and innovation alike.

Oumi-chou Market

A lot of street stalls and restaurants, many of which specilise in seafood such as Sushi,Kaisen-Raice. This market is like the outer market of Tukiji fhish market.  Most of fhishes are cought neaby of see called Japanes See Where has abandant seafood prodacts.

Myourinji Temple

This temple is refered as Ninjya temple becase of having many tricks which hide Ninja against their opponents. Hidden doors staris and rooms, these atractions make this house like a labyrinth.


Located in deep of the mountains, Shirakawa-go and Gokayama were desagnated as Unesuco World Heritage Sites.
Both of villages have some architectures for private home. Those roof`s figures resemble a per of hands as if someone praying.

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