Itukushima Shrine

Located middle of see, this shrine situated on the Myajima island where you can access it by ship from Hiroshima. Best well known for it is the floating torill gate. The shrine is designated as Unesco World Heritage Site in 1996.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

This park is dedicated to the victims of atomic bomb.  there is a structure which has been remaining same figure since moment of the explosion.  Also museum has many exhibitions covering the situations of the time. Only place in the world tell us tragic ending of nuclear war.


Beppu hotin spring

Situated on the hill in front of ocean,  Beppu is drawing a attencion from tourristes who wont to be calm. Devided into eight areas is the largest group of hot springs in Japan.



Driving car toward south from Fukuoka city takes just one hour,
Ynagawa is home to many canals which are extended  throughout the town.

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